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David Aguayo, Ph.D


In the fall of 2014, Verna Laboy invited David--her granddaughter's preschool teacher--to join community members and leaders, church pastors, and educators to address the academic and behavioral racial disparity that was occurring in Columbia Public Schools. The meeting resulted in the springboard that would lead Verna and her daughters to create WSR. Soon after, Verna invited David to be a co-founder of WSR. As an educator passionate about improving the way schools treat children often marginalized by schools, David accepted the mission. Now, as a co-leader of WSR, David aims to support the leaders and teachers of CPS as they work to better serve all students. Using the voices of students, families, and community members, David hopes to help CPS educators understand the culturally responsive and sustaining needs of students and thus meet WSR mission and vision.

David Aguayo
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