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Hello everyone! My name is Allison Lange and I am currently a sophomore at the University of Missouri - Columbia, and I am majoring in Business with an emphasis in Marketing. I am interning with Worley Street Roundtable as their Media Assistant and I began my internship at the beginning of the Spring 2022 semester. During my time at Worley Street, I have assisted in creating content for the monthly community forums, attended community forums, aided in updating their website, and helped create this blog page! I created the content used to send out emails for the community forums by collaborating frequently with officials from Worley Street, which created the most effective marketing content. I thoroughly enjoyed my time volunteering for Worley Street and believe that everyone should volunteer in their community at some point in their life. I chose to volunteer at Worley Street Roundtable because I wanted to help out a cause that was really important to the community. I believe that children are our future, and their education, and equality in their education, is vital to their learning. Every child deserves fair and equal education and Worley Street definitely advocates for that and successfully creates resolutions to educational issues in our community. I want to thank Worley Street for allowing me to work with them, create content for them, and to help support their organization. It has truly been an honor to work with this organization and all of the individuals in it!

Allison Lange

Media Intern

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TIPS for Kids' Resource Guide

Click here for the Resource Guide

Training in Interdisciplinary Partnerships and Services (TIPS) for Kids is the Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities (LEND) training program in Missouri.


The LEND program provides intensive training for advanced graduate students and post-doctoral fellows in the field of neurodevelopmental disabilities, particularly autism.  The core training consists of three hundred hours over the course of an academic year.  These hours include didactic lectures by experts in their fields, interdisciplinary clinical activities, family shadowing, observations of policy meetings or advocacy events, and observations of clinical team meetings.

The primary goal of TIPS for Kids is to train future leaders who will work with children with special healthcare needs.  Current trainees are graduate students in occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech/language pathology, social work, special education, applied behavior analysis, and psychology.

TIPS for Kids also includes two additional trainees: a parent of a child with a special healthcare need and an individual with a disability.  Our family-advocate and self-advocate trainees participate in all training activities to learn more about policy and advocacy as well as to enrich the training experience by providing family and individual perspectives as part of an interdisciplinary team.

Contact us!

For more information about TIPS contact Tabbatha Schnurbush at

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