Co-Founder, Executive Director

Adrian Clifton

Dr. Adrian C. Clifton, Ph.D. is a former elementary educator and summer school principal. She is the co-founder and president of Worley Street Roundtable.


As an educational leader and community activist, Dr. Clifton feels a deep connection with her ancestors and a calling to move all individuals to obtain an education that liberates them. For her, a liberatory education would dismantle a mentality of fear and worthlessness and build a mindset of empowerment to enrich a community. Dr. Clifton’s activism stems from issues she has experienced in classrooms and schools where dreams have been deferred due to bias; both conscious and unconscious.


Dr. Clifton’s vision for Worley Street Roundtable is rooted in helping people advocate against oppression. As a community activist, her approach is building relationships directly with the

people. Worley Street Roundtable’s work must help others beliefs and access their own power and potential. Her goal is to help the community fight against the gravity that is pushing against them. Such fight must occur in both arenas, at the community level and with the power structures that prevent certain individuals from excelling in their strengths.

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