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Valérie Berta

Hi, I'm Valérie and I'm passionate about eradicating racism, social justice, photojournalism.

Born and raised in France, I have a Masters of Arts degree in English and another one in Journalism from Mizzou. A naturalized American citizen, I take the promise and responsibilities of belonging to this country seriously. That's why it is important to me to volunteer with organizations like Worley Street Roundtable. 

After graduating from Mizzou School of Journalism and establishing the Voices Photo Workshop for marginalized children, I worked around the world as a photojournalist and photo editor before running off with the circus. Back to Columbia since 2013, I have been working in communication while pursuing my photography career and volunteering my time as an activist.

In 2017 I founded the WE project, a series of portraits celebrating people who belong marginalized communities and fostering intersectional dialogue to fight for radical equity and justice. Together with Voices, the WE project now fills my days, outside of my job as Community Engagement Coordinator at Refugee Services, raising my two teenage boys and cultivating my garden.

Giving back and fighting injustice are at the core of how I express my gratitude for the immense privileges and happiness the world has given me.

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