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Brittany Fatoma


Brittany Fatoma, is a southern belle from North Carolina and a proud HBCU graduate of Oakwood University. She received her undergraduate degree in Elementary Education and also attended La Sierra University and graduated with a master's degree in Educational Administration and Leadership. She spent eight years as an elementary school teacher and teaching methods coach. She recently completed her doctorate from the University of Missouri.
Brittany will work with Worley Street Roundtable to expand the Teachers of Hope and Promise program to include peer-to-peer mentoring.
For Brittany, students come first, and students need a diverse group of dynamic educators. She also believes in community and working together to create a safe and equitable space for everyone, especially Black and Brown people. Outside of teaching and leading, you can find Brittany growing an indoor potted garden or chasing her very active and intuitive baby girl.
She encourages, "Let’s continue the work of empowering people to access their power and use it to create social change."

Brittany Fatoma
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