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Who We Are & What We Do

We started around a dinner table on Worley Street. The rest is a journey in hope and community.



We, the Worley Street Roundtable, are community partners threading students, parents and
organizations within the public school system to create viable ways to help children succeed
academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.



Threading together to thrive together. A community, family and school system working together to empower all children to thrive.


To create access for at-promise children, enabling them to thrive in their everyday environments, as they lead purposeful and meaningful lives.




Unlocking genius in our students, families, and community by unpacking bias and expanding cultural competencies. We honor teachers through our Teachers of Hope and Promise program.



Working with organizations to connect families and schools with available resources to enable all children to thrive in education.

Local Leadership


 Fostering empowerment opportunities in local actors, such as parents, teachers, administrators, community members, and students themselves.



Committing to building a network of support around students, parents, and teachers to provide academic, social, emotional, and spiritual development.

Grassroots Efforts


 Maintaining complete grounding in the local community that drives decision-making and action.

Meet Our Team

Brittany Fatoma

Brittany Fatoma

Verna Laboy

Verna Laboy

Jessica Hardesty Norris

Jessica Hardesty Norris

David Aguayo

David Aguayo

Doris Littrell

Dr. Doris Littrell

Julian Jackman

Julian Jackman

Augustus Hern

Augustus Hern, Jr

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