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Minutes from October, 2022 Community Forum

At our community meeting October 16, we discussed issues around CPS. Issues include schools not being fully staffed and struggling kids. We aren't sure if there is restorative counseling for those coming back from suspensions. Title One schools - Derby Ridge, Alpha Hart, Shepard and Battle. have particular issues. There is 80% turnover in teachers in Title One schools. We discussed if we might get incentives for teachers and paraprofessionals.

When a scholar is suspended, they aren't sent home with homework assignments. This puts them further behind. Some kindergarteners are suspended when the principal has a “no tolerance” policy. They can't learn if they aren't in school. At one school all first grade teachers left last year, but there is a new principal this year.

Another issue is paraprofessionals. Their requirements keep getting changed.

We discussed meeting with people in Title I schools to offer our support.

FACE could also help with Title I schools by one-on-one counseling.

How to interact with the CPS school board was discussed. Seamon is President; Horn is Vice President. Next school board meeting is November 7.

Verna Laboy will take over the Teachers of Hope and Promise process. Students in middle and high schools nominate the teacher who helps every student succeed. Worley Street Roundtable presents them with balloons, a certificate and a check for $500 for their personal use. This program is well respected and the school employees are appreciative.

Our next community meeting is Sunday November 20, 2-4 at the Armory. The public is invited to attend and participate.


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